As winter drags on, and the nights stay dark and cold, drivers spend much of their time in the dark. Sat in our cars, even with headlights blazing, the darkness pulls in around us. It can seem as if all of our time spent out of work is on a dark road. It is not easy. Even those experienced in nocturnal driving can struggle at its onset. How do we stay safe while driving at night?


It may seem obvious, but if it is at all dark, you should use your lights. Despite the self-evidence of this statement, you will probably see drivers who contradict it every day. Many police forces recommend that if you need to use your windscreen wipers, you also need to use your lights. Make sure that all your bulbs are working properly, or you could be stopped by the police.


Driving in the dark requires a certain level of visibility. This is not simply a matter of lighting however. Your windscreen needs to stay clear and clean for you to be able to drive properly in the dark. Your car heaters can easily make your windscreen less clean – by blowing dirty air onto the glass. This couples condensation with a hazy film. Make sure your vision is unimpeded, and your screen clear.


The greatest contributor to your vision is something over which you have minimal control. Your eyesight can enormously affect how well you perceive the threats around you in the dark. Struggling to see properly during nocturnal driving can be one of the first signs of deteriorating eye sight. Especially as you get older, make sure that you get your eyes tested as winter comes on.


It is natural for the dark to make you think of sleep. However, driving in the dark and feeling tired are a risky pair. Take regular breaks from driving if you are tired, and have drinks that keep you awake. Driving while tired is perhaps the greatest risk you can take.

Through the darkness of winter, take precautions to stay safe on the road. As long as you ensure that your vision is unimpeded, you are in the safest possible position to be out of danger as you drive. If you break down in the dark, Breakdown cover from Alternative Insurance Brokers will offer you the roadside cover you need.