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Convicted criminal car insurance for drivers with criminal convictions can be expensive but Alternative have schemes that will help you to save money.

People with criminal convictions often tend to face higher car insurance costs than drivers with a clean record, and some struggle to even get covered. Whatever your conviction, we will be able to help you find the right car insurance. Needing criminal convicted car insurance does not have to be a problem.

How will a criminal conviction affect my car insurance costs?
Some convictions will have more of an impact than others on your car insurance. You are likely to be a risk to insurers if you have previously been convicted for certain things. For example, for insurance fraud or drink driving etc. Anything that can be related to car insurance.

Additionally, having a criminal conviction will often push up the price of your criminal convicted car insurance premiums. This will include if your offence has nothing to do with driving. Drivers with all types of criminal convictions are more likely to be involved in an accident, according to statistics. Therefore insurers adjust premiums to reflect this high risk.

Most insurers will ask about any “unspent” criminal convictions you’ve had in the last five years. Therefore any convictions are likely to have an impact on your criminal convicted car insurance costs for this period.

Do I always have to declare criminal convictions to my insurer?
Most types of conviction will be considered “spent” after some time has passed. The rehabilitation of offenders act lays down clear guidelines. This states when convictions are considered “spent”. However, if in doubt advise ourselves and we can check with the insurer for you.

You will be asked to declare any unspent convictions on your criminal convicted car insurance applications for five years. After this time, or if your convictions are already spent, you will not have to tell your insurer. You are not under any obligation to declare your convictions if an insurer doesn’t ask during the application process or in the terms and conditions of the policy.

Full disclosure is the best way forward and not withholding any convictions when asked. In the event of a claim, your insurance could be deemed invalid if you fail to do so, leaving you with a big repair bill. This will also make it even harder to get insurance cover in the future if you have had a policy voided.

How to save money on car insurance if you have criminal convictions
You may find that insurers will hike your insurance premium in light of your conviction. They may even refuse to insure you altogether. However, there are some specialist providers that keep insurance more affordable for drivers with convictions. The best way to get an affordable quote is to let Alternative search the market for you. This is because we still speak to the underwriters, explaining each case to them and the circumstances behind the conviction.

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