Impound Insurance For Cars and Vans

Getting the right insurance to retrieve your vehicle is vital. When your car or van becomes impounded there are many different options of impound car insurance out there. However, with Alternative you can guarantee competitive prices alongside documents being sent to you instantly after purchasing the policy. This therefore means that your vehicle is released as quickly as possible.

Here at Alternative we can help to advise you on your next steps to getting your car released. We have an option of two policies, and our team will help you to decide which one suits your needs best.

30 Day Policy

We have a range of short term policies that last for 30 days. These are perfect for a quick, one off fix.

The details of these policies are:

  • Range of short term policies
  • Third party only
  • Insured only to drive unless a provisional or revoked licence holder
  • Policy holder must be the registered keeper and legal owner of the impounded car
  • Provisional Licence Holders
  • Revoked licence – Non-Driver insurance available
  • Impounded taxis or Impounded couriers

Annual Policy

Our second policy covers you for a whole year. This insurance is particularly beneficial for those planning to keep the car once it is released. This is also our most cost effective option, as the costs can be split into a deposit and monthly payments.

The details of this policy are:

  • Full years cover
  • Allows named drivers to be added the policy
  • Allows premium to be paid in monthly instalments
  • Offers fully comprehensive on most vehicle (as opposed to 30 day short term being third party only).


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