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Protect your properties in the event of an emergency

Provided by Acasta

Landlord Emergency Protect Insurance is designed to provide immediate assistance. This is for when something goes wrong such as a broken boiler, electrical or gas supply issues, storm damage etc.

As a landlord, the same things happen to your let property that happen to your home. Furthermore even though it may not be your home it is your house. As a result any kind of landlords’ home emergency can affect the investment you have. In addition it can potentially cause issues for your tenants.

Landlord Emergency Protect

We have created a landlords home emergency insurance product that is ideal for landlords who want to protect themselves from this hassle and exposure. The first part of our policy provides a 24 hour, 7 day a week helpline that you (or your tenant) can contact if there is a problem.

What’s Covered


Boiler Breakdown causing loss of heating and/or hot water to your property with boiler cover

Failure of your homes gas, water or electricity supply
Failure or damage to your property’s plumbing and/or drainage system
Your property being insecure as a result of damage to locks on doors and windows etc.
Damage to the roof
Pest infestation
Failure of their property’s cooker or oven

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