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Protect the excess for your motor trade vehicles

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Excess protection motor trade insurance can protect your investment in your company vehicles if you are making a claim on your motor insurance. When taking out a motor trade insurance policy, you may increase your voluntary excess to keep the premiums low. This is especially the case if you have had a claim in recent years.

In the case of an accident, Excess Protection Insurance will cover your voluntary and/or mandatory excess to ensure that you keep the full worth of your company vehicle. This allows the company to keep company assets at their full price without having to pay extra for any total loss claims.

Alternative offers a range of excess protect policies to cover home, car, commercial motor travel, medical and pet policies. These products are now becoming more and more popular in the rise of premiums. Furthermore, often you will cover your increased voluntary excess with an excess protect policy to reduce the entire premium.

Our excess insurance covers you whether it is a fault or non fault accident throughout our premiums saving your time and money throughout their main insurance cover.

Motor Trade Excess

What’s Covered

Ensure your excess amounts are covered for motor trade insurance policies
Peace of mind when making a claim
Complete coverage in case on an accident

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