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Pet Insurance

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What is Pet Insurance?

Keeping your pet healthy can be harder than you might think. Vet bills can easily add up to much more than you’d expect. Pet Insurance exists to protect you against unexpected costs that your pet may incur. We can save you money, time and stress while keeping your pets safe.

Why Do I Need Pet Insurance?

Animal Healthcare is getting better every year. However, these advances in technology have made costs much greater. No-one wants their pet to suffer, especially if money is the only object. Pet Insurance helps cover the costs of your pet’s medical bills.

What Can Pet Insurance Cover?

Like other forms of insurance, pet insurance policies can vary widely. We have chosen to work with Purely Pets Insurance to offer a range of cover levels to suit your budget and needs ranging from Accident Only cover which only provides cover for costs resulting from an accident to a comprehensive Lifetime cover which provides cover for accidents and illnesses for the pet’s lifetime as long as you renew the policy each year and keep up to date with premiums.

What can be covered

5 Levels of cover available
5 working day turnaround on claims
24 hour access to online vet finder
No upper age limit
10% discount for insuring multiple pets

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