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Unoccupied Property Insurance Guide

What is Unoccupied Property Insurance? Unoccupied Property Insurance is a specialised home insurance policy that focuses on unoccupied buildings....

Surety Bonds Guide

What is a Surety Bond? A Surety Bond is a form of guarantee. They make a guarantee between three parties. These are: The Obligee, The Principal and...

What is the Secret to Car Insurance Grouping?

It comes round every year. That time of year, where you have to renew your car insurance. How much will it be this year? Sometimes it can hard to...

Why do so many people wait until the last minute to find car insurance quotes?

When do you look for car insurance prices? Do you spend the months leading up to your renewal searching out the best deals? Like many people, you...

How much will Storm Ciara cost the Insurance Industry?

Every year, it seems as if a new storm front (often with a comical name) batters the UK, causing worse and worse damage to property and...

How to Make Sure Your Insurance Policy is the Real Deal

When you are looking for an insurance policy, it can be easy to fall for what looks like a great deal. However, you have to be careful to make sure...

Will the Cost of Insurance Keep Rising?

When you renew your insurance, it can seem as if the price goes up every year. In fact for many people, it does. The average cost of car insurance...

How Could Your Insurance Change in 2020?

Renewals When your insurance comes to the end of its annual period, you will have to either renew it for another year, or search for another policy...

What is the best job for car insurance?

What you do every day can affect what you pay for your car insurance. This doesn’t just mean how you drive from day to day – it means your day job...

Do Advanced Driving Courses Cut Insurance Premiums?

When you pass your driving test, it can be overwhelming. You have to drive on your own for the first time. You might need to drive on the motorway...

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