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How many times have you heard of people buying insurance online that didn’t do what they thought it did? It’s important to have an understanding of what the insurance can do for you when you need it most. At Alternative we speak to all our clients to make sure that we fully understand their needs and tailor the policy to them. Give us a call or leave your contact details on the form provided and one of our advisers will contact you.

“I found ‘Alternative Insurance Brokers’ a pleasure to deal with, especially Natalie who walked me through their particular GAP products offered by ACASTA. She also thoroughly answered all my questions and concerns, finding the whole customer experience exceptional, my documents were sent to me within minutes. Hopefully I will never need to invoke my GAP insurance but if any unfortunate events happen, I have faith that  ‘Alternative Insurance Brokers’ will take care of all my needs and make the process of claiming as easy and relaxing as possible.”

New Insurance Renewal Rules 2017 from the FCA

Earlier this month, on 1st April, new insurance renewal rules were introduced to improve the way that brokers handle renewal policies with their customers. The FCA brought out changes to ‘increase transparency and engagement at renewal in general insurance markets’....
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New speeding penalties could see you paying 175% of your weekly income

Today new speeding penalties have been brought in in a fight to make the roads across the UK safer. Many new laws are being enforced this year. On 1st March we saw changes to motoring laws about using mobile phones at the wheel. The penalty was doubled to a £200 fine...
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Why are car insurance prices rising?

Why are car insurance prices rising? At Alternative Insurance Brokers, we have conversations every day with our clients about why are their car insurance prices rising. Many are asking the same question with little understanding as to why they are paying so much....
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Electric Cars And How Cities Are Changing For Them

Many car manufacturers have made movements to make their cars more eco-friendly over the past decade. But the most eco-friendly car around is the electric car. An electric vehicle is powered 100% by its rechargeable battery. This is unlike regular cars which use its...
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Changes In Wedding Trends

Wedding trends have changed over the last few decades in many ways. From styles to locations, couples are always striving to make their big day unique and stand out from the rest.   The Different Wedding Trends Weddings outside of the Church. Firstly, people are...
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Impounded Car Insurance

When it comes to impounded car insurance, getting the right insurance company to retrieve your vehicle back is key.

At Alternative insurance brokers, we have a range of insurance companies offering impound insurance to help match one to your specific needs regarding impounded vehicles. A majority of insurers in the UK will not insure an impounded vehicle, which is why attaining the right impounded insurance for your specific vehicle and driver needs is our priority.

We have already helped hundreds of clients retrieve their vehicles. therefore have a lot of experience in impounded cars and are able to offer great advice when you’re not sure what to do.

If you happen to fall into a situation of needing impounded car or van insurance then call us today and we are happy to help you with the next step.

Unoccupied Home Insurance

Unoccupied home insurance from Alternative Insurance brokers is suitable for properties which will be left vacant for 30 days or more. Our cover is flexible as you can choose any period of cover from 1 to 12 months for your unoccupied home insurance policy. This means you will only pay for the cover you need.

If you know your main home will be unoccupied for more than 60 days, just let us know so we can make sure your cover isn’t affected.

In the event that your home becomes permanently unoccupied, you will need specialist cover and Alternative Insurance Brokers can source the best unoccupied home insurance for you.

When insuring an empty house, bear in mind it might be more expensive than standard building insurance. This is because vacant properties can be at higher risk of squatters, vandalism or fire.

Convicted Car Insurance

Convicted car insurance does not need to become an issue or problem for any driver. Alternative insurance brokers has schemes for all driver profiles whatever the convictions are. Alternative insurance brokers will treat you as an individual and make the task of getting yourself back onto the road and the purchase of convicted car insurance as easy as possible.

Alternative have specialist insurers who look at each case on an individual basis so we can understand what has happened without judgement to get you the best cover without prejudice.

If you have been banned from driving for any reason or have a need for convicted car insurance then give Alternative a call.

Landlord Insurance

Landlords insurance is a must for anyone who is renting or letting their property. Alternative insurance brokers have a number of different landlord insurance schemes which allows us to tailor each quote for your individual needs.

So if you have a house, bungalow or flat, Alternative insurance brokers will find the landlord insurance product for you.

Whatever style of tenant you have, Alternative will find you the best cover and premium for your landlord insurance needs.

Whatever type of property you own, you need to protect your investment carefully with a landlords insurance policy from Alternative Insurance Brokers.

Private Taxi Insurance

Choosing the right private hire insurance can be difficult due to a variety of different options that are available. When you apply for a private hire insurance from Alternative, you benefit from our extensive experience of getting you the right policy for your specific needs and requirements.

Private hire insurance policies offer different levels of cover and getting the right one is essential.

Aften the cheapest private hire taxi insurance may not provide you with the cover for your needs, remember this is your lively hood you are insuring.

Private hire insurance and mini cab insurance policies are specifically designed to meet individual needs. By choosing to get your private hire insurance quote from Alternative Insurance, we can match you up with the policy that is correct for you on an individual basis.

The process of buying private hire insurance is still handled mainly over the phone as we still talk to insurers on a case by case basis to get the best quote for your own private hire insurance. Call today and obtain the best cover for your private hire insurance.

Commercial Insurance

Alternative Insurance Brokers are a broker that offers simple cost effective solutions for commercial insurance. If you are looking for an innovative insurance broker that better understands the risks and complexities of commercial insurance that your business faces, Alternative have partnered with specialist commercial insurance underwriters to offer the best solutions for you.

Alternative has a range of policies available for all of your commercial insurance needs and speak directly with yourself to find the correct cover for your business. We can offer quotes for all your commercial insurance needs so please contact us today.