Impounded Car Insurance

With Christmas coming up on us fast, the Police are preparing for a busy season. With more and more information at the disposal of the Police, it will be easier for Police to impound vehicles.

If you do need impounded car insurance Alternative Insurance Brokers can help you with this.

With annual and short term policies available for impounded car insurance we can cater for all of your needs.

Impounded Vehicles – Useful Information

The information below has been produced to help you to collect your vehicle and by no means covers every aspect or all circumstances surrounding impounded cars. Alternative endeavor to provide the impounded car insurance cover to help you to recover your vehicle. However, you need to ensure that all information supplied to us is accurate as we are here to help you. The wrong information could lead to delays or further complications.

Why have the police seized my vehicle?

Under Section 165A Road Traffic Act 1988 the police have powers to seize vehicles which are potentially being driven by uninsured drivers or drivers who do not have a valid driving licence. They may also impound a vehicle which has failed to stop when required by police and there is a suspicion that the vehicle is uninsured.

The link below gives more details as the Road Traffic Act and seizure of a motor vehicle:-

What happens once my vehicle is seized?

Once your vehicle has been seized, the appropriate officers or authorised agents must take reasonable steps to keep it safe. The police will generally issue you with a seizure notice, detailing where it was seized and where the vehicle will be stored. Agents that remove the vehicle are Police approved garages. By law, the registered keeper or owner of the vehicle is responsible for gaining the release of the vehicle from the impound. If you as the owner and registered keeper cannot recover the vehicle it will be harder to obtain impounded car insurance.

You may be able to track your vehicle by using the towed vehicle tracking service by calling 0845 206 8602.

How do I get my vehicle back? 

Police have certain stations to deal with the return of seized vehicles. However, you must only attend the nominated station marked on the seizure notice that was presented to you at the time of seizure. When applying for insurance you must declare the following information:-

  • The vehicle is currently impounded
  • Any pending prosecutions

Do not give false information as this could lead to further problems and delays. Remember to also buy a policy that is going to gain your vehicle being released. Lots of people buy policies on-line that will not be acceptable to the Police and once purchased the provider will not always refund your premiums. The Police will check that the above information has been declared. It is not worth taking the risk, so ensure that the impounded car insurance purchased will work.

What timescales do I have to work to? 

Once seized, you have seven days in which to produce your documents and have your seizure notice stamped.

You then have a further seven days to recover your vehicle from the impound.

Ensure that the impounded car insurance that you buy is fit for purpose and you have all the relevant paperwork needed. The process can be very fast, gaining quick release of your vehicle.

If you do not respond in the appropriate timeframes then your vehicle will be disposed by either:-

  • The vehicle being crushed
  • The Police will auction the vehicle to recover costs incurred for the period of the impoundment.

Documents to be produced

When recovering a vehicle you will need to produce the following:-

1.  Your driving licence including photo card if you hold that type of licence.

2. A Certificate of Insurance authorising you to drive that vehicle and ensuring that it allows for the release of impounded vehicles.

3. Evidence of ownership of the vehicle (this can be log book, bill of sale, DVLA related documents)

If the owner and registered keeper cannot collect the vehicle they may be able to nominate someone to do this for them.  However, insurers will need to be made aware of this.  If so, they will also need to supply documents listed above. If you don’t have the correct documents you will have a wasted journey.

Please be aware that it can take an hour or longer for the checks to be made. Police will not authorise the release of seized vehicles unless they are satisfied with the validity of the documents.  It is then your responsibility to attend the impound and gain release of your vehicle.

Collection of Vehicle from the Impound

The impound will release your vehicle once the fee has been paid. You will also be charged for each day that the vehicle is stored.  Once paid, you will be free to remove your vehicle from the pound.

When visiting the Police station remember to be civil and respectful as they want to help you recover your vehicle and are not responsible for seizing your vehicle.

If you follow the above and speak to Alternative Insurance Brokers with regards to your impounded car insurance you should be able to release your vehicle from the impound.