Impound Car Insurance is a growing area for the insurance community as more ANPR cameras are released around the UK. At Alternative insurance brokers we have a variety of reasons as to why drivers vehicles are impounded and need impounded car insurance. Below are some of the examples we have had over the last few weeks:

A secretary was running an important letter to the post office for her boss and the police stopped the driver asking what she was doing. She advised the task and they checked with her current insurers who advised she did not have business use. From this the police impounded the car and after the purchase of correct impounded car insurance the vehicle was released.

In the Manchester area we have had a number of Operation Wolverine impounded vehicles inquiries and we have helped a number of profiles be released including:

Revoked drivers
Provisional Licence Holders
Vehicle Recovery Truck

You can contact Alternative Insurance Brokers on 0800 223 0351  and you can leave full contact details to be contacted for your impound car insurance needs. When speaking to our operators please answer all questions fully as not providing the correct information could invalidate your impounded car insurance.