Impounded Car Insurance:
Alternative Insurance Brokers is the best route to gain access to the most competitive price for car insurance. This is from our tailored service for each client, giving the customer the best price with our knowledge in this field of impounded car insurance.

After the government increased IPT policies, clients have faced the situation of an increased premium. This has caused drivers to attempt different shortcuts to save costs and purchasing impounded car insurance that has not released the vehicle. However at Alternative Insurance Brokers you won’t need to take these substantial decisions or risks, as we offer a friendly and professional service. For this reason you don’t need to have all of the responsibility of the insurance thanks to our dedicated team who take care of your impounded car insurance. If you purchased your insurance online with other brokers there is a chance of your premium being lost.

At Alternative Insurance Brokers our best policies include the short term policy, which allows you 28 or 30 days cover for your vehicle. Our annual insurance policy covers your vehicle and allows the option of named drivers. Both are at a competitive, reasonable price.

We understand at Alternative Insurance Brokers that having your car seized is a worrying experience for anyone. However, added to the policies we offer there are basic rules and regulations to follow once your car has been impounded.
1) Identity is needed. UK/EU licence also needed
2) Insurance cover – electronic or paper copy
3) Proof of ownership
4) Payment of release fees

At Alternative Insurance Brokers we can source many types of impounded car insurance for all types of risks such as:
• Provisional Licence Holders (terms and conditions apply)
• Revoked Licence proposers (terms and conditions apply)
• Modified Vehicles
• High Value Vehicles
• Taxis
• Couriers
• Vehicles with more than 7 seats
• And Many More

We hope you choose Alternative Insurance Brokers as your reliable service to keep your car in your hands. We guarantee to check all of the options when you use us for your impounded car insurance so we get you the best price possible.
Contact us at 0161 388 2520 to leave us an enquiry. We do ask for all of your answers to be in full to make the procedure and claim more beneficial.