Home Emergency Insurance:

Alternative Insurance Brokers has just launched a brand new product. We now sell Home Emergency Insurance under the trading name of Home Emergency Protect.

This is one of the most comprehensive covers available for Home Emergency Insurance and if you look below you will find a brief description of the Home Emergency Insurance products we can offer for private residential and landlords. Home emergency insurance is designed to provide immediate assistance when something goes wrong with your home. This could be a broken boiler, electrical or gas supply issues, storm damage etc.

Whether a homeowner or a landlord the same things happen to your properties. Even though it may not be your home, it is your house and any sort of home emergency can affect the investment you have as well as potentially causing issues for you or your tenant.
Do you really want to be contacted in the middle of the night if there is an issue with your home and you are without Home Emergency Insurance?
We have created a home emergency insurance product that is ideal for landlords or homeowners who want to protect themselves from this hassle and exposure. The first part of our policy provides a 24 hour, 7 day a week helpline that you (or your tenant) can contact if there is a problem.

We cover:

1. Assistance when an emergency arising from the failure or damage to your homes plumbing or drainage system.
2. Assistance in restoring the electricity supply to your home following failure of the system.
3. Assisting you in making your home secure as a result of failure of or damage to external locks.
4. Assistance if your heating and/or hot water system fails. If your boiler is beyond economical repair and is less than 5 years old we will replace it. If it is over 5 years old we will pay £200 towards the cost of a new boiler.
5. Annual boiler service.
6. Damage to your roof due to bad weather or falling trees.
7. Assistance to restore a means of heating and preparing food if your cooker or oven fails.
8. Assistance in restoring the water supply to your home following blockages, collapsed or burst pipes.
9. Assistance in restoring the gas supply following failure from your gas meter
10. Removal and control of pest infestation.
11. We will contribute up to £250 towards hotel accommodation if your home is declared unsafe.

Landlords policies also include:

• The issue of a CP12 (Gas Safety Certificate) as part of the boiler inspection.
• An additional CP12 for one other appliance.
Our policy will provide up to £1000 cover against the costs of dealing with the home emergency with no excess to pay so if you want to avoid personal disruption and involvement.
This product has been designed to give your tenant the telephone number of the claims service and they can contact them directly to request the help of our highly skilled and experienced tradesmen.
We also understand that as a landlord you have a legal obligation to ensure that gas appliances are inspected every year and to help you meet these responsibilities our policy includes an annual central heating boiler inspection and (subject to the boiler being passed) an accompanying CP12 (Gas Safety Certificate) and we also include and additional CP12 for another appliance such as a cooker, hob or gas fire.
Our home emergency insurance product is, unlike many others, a straightforward, comprehensive policy that gives wide cover, valuable with added benefits and peace of mind at a competitive annual premium. You don’t have to look through other options that may leave gaps in your home emergency cover. Simply choose Home Emergency Insurance for Landlords with Alternative Insurance Brokers.
We have priced our product to be competitive against similar products offered by other insurance companies. You will always find cheaper products for home emergency insurance, but they will not offer the same comprehensive levels of cover for an equivalent price.

Please visit to see full details and purchase your home emergency insurance today by visiting our quote button to get a free no obligation quote within a few minutes or call our telephone number for a quote: 0161 388 2538.