Thousands of cars are seized every year across the UK and there many reasons why cars are impounded. These vehicles are taken from the driver and placed in an impound until the driver has the correct impounded car insurance to release it.

Here are the reasons why cars are impounded:

Involved in crime

If the vehicle has been involved in a crime, such as a burglary, then the vehicle will be seized and taken in for evidence against the case.

No insurance

Driver’s vehicles are constantly being seized across the UK every year because they do not have valid insurance. This is illegal and if caught their car will be seized automatically if there is no one available to drive it. This can also apply to provisional drivers who are not under the correct supervision.

Dangerous driving

Dangerous driving can also lead to a car being impounded. Careless driving is a serious offence and the consequences can be fatal.

Danger to the public

In this instance the vehicle presents itself as a danger and hazard to be on the road. This is when a vehicle is abandoned in a compromising place that is a danger to traffic.

Bad Modifications

Modifying cars such as lowering suspension and tinted windows pose a risk if done incorrectly. Cars with modifications can be seized if they do not meet the specific requirements for road safety.

There are many more reasons why cars are impounded including failing to stop for police, driving under the influence and the list goes on.

To retrieve a car you need correct impounded car insurance. Evidence of this insurance needs to be presented to the police along with a valid license.

If the driver is unable to retrieve the car themselves then they may sign the ownership of the vehicle over to someone else to retrieve it.

What happens if the impounded car is never claimed?

Some impounded cars or vehicles are never reclaimed. This could be because it is too costly for the driver to do so or they are unable to get the correct insurance in time.

When this happens the vehicle can be placed up for auction where they are usually sold for a fraction of their value. Around 4000 are placed in auction from the impound every year and includes Porsche’s, Bentley’s and other high value cars. Many see this as a great opportunity to buy a new car for a great price.

Alternatively, if a car is see as worthless it may be crushed or sold for parts.

By October 2016 the Police force has already made £1.6 that year alone in selling or scrapping seized cars.

If you need help to retrieve an impounded car Alternative can help. We offer long and short term insurance to suit your personal needs. Documents are sent as soon as possible to get you back on the road quickly.

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