What Is Temporary Car Insurance?

As everyone knows having car insurance is an essential when you’re on the roads. But what if you don’t use your vehicle all the time? Or you’re borrowing someone’s car and need short-term cover? This is where temporary car insurance comes into play.

Temporary insurance provides temporary cover from just hours to days. It is a standard product that many insurers sell. However the way we see temporary car insurance is changing with the rise of technology within the insurance industry.

Who Offers Temporary Car Insurance

As you may know there are many different types of car insurance available on the market from a host of providers. They cover a range of levels with options to tailor your insurance to your specific needs. Many of these providers offer temporary car insurance.

However the industry is changing. From getting instant insurance on an app to borrowing a stranger’s car, we look at a few companies who are doing it differently.


Cuvva is one example of a company changing the car insurance industry as we know it.

Cuvva is an app only product. It allows the user to purchase cover from 1 hour to 28 days from your phone with no need to make a phone call. This product is aimed at drivers borrowing another’s car.

It also offers a subscription product. The user pays a set amount every month plus a small fee per hour that they use the vehicle.  This product is built for those who own their own car but use it infrequently.

Finally they also offer a product for learner drivers. This enables anyone who is learning to driver to practice on another drivers car. Again only paying by the hour or day, whatever suits the drivers needs most.

TURO: The Airbnb of car insurance

Another example of new solutions to temporary car insurance is from a company called TURO.

Although they are not offering temporary car insurance itself, it is changing the way we perceive it.

TURO has been dubbed the Airbnb of car insurance. This is because it works in a very similar way. People put their vehicles on the website to lend to strangers for a fee per day. Although there are lots of hire companies available this helps to give more flexibility to the process. As well as this it is allowing people to make money of their unused cars.

Two companies also bringing a similar product to the market as TURO is AXA and Irish Fleet.

These examples are showing how the industry is moving towards the needs of Millennials and their specific needs.

What do you think of these new products? Would you use them? Let us know in the comments below.