Good home insurance is an essential when protecting your investment from those unexpected costs that leave you counting your pennies.

Although insurance isn’t a glamorous or exciting purchase, most of the time it is definitely an essential. It’s preparation to help you out when something goes wrong, giving you peace of mind. Getting good home insurance cover is no exception.

We give you five reasons why you should be investing in good home insurance cover to make sure your home is always protected.


  1. Leaves you with minimal risk of unexpected bills

There is nothing worse than being faced with a HUGE unexpected bill. Especially when it’s not money spent on a holiday… Investing that little bit each month on insurance means that you will always be protected financially if anything were to happen. All you have to pay is the excess in some cases. And even this is minimal compared to the cost of damage from a fire or a break in.


  1. Get your house back to normal quickly

Home insurance gives you the funds and means to get your house back to normal quickly. For example if your house floods, the money given you by an insurer means that you are able to repair or replace any damage as soon as possible.


  1. Protects you from the uncontrollable

You can care for your home and look after it well, but there are still factors beyond your control that can have a significant effect on the state of your home. This includes weather, vandalism, falling trees or even leaky pipes.


  1. Lowers stress if anything were to happen

In the unfortunate event something does happen, having insurance in place can massively reduce the stress you face. The insurers will help you to sort everything to get your home in order again. Some will even put you in temporary accommodation if your home is unhabitable.


  1. Because why not?

Getting good home insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. Look around and compare the costs. Spending a small amount each month could save you thousands. We can even search the market for you, whether it’s standard or non-standard insurance.


Always be sure that you know exactly what you’re covered for. When buying home insurance, or any insurance, be sure to read the policy wording first. If in doubt always ask questions. It’s better to make sure that your cover suits all of your requirements.