Do you have a black box recorder in your car? Many of us now do, and the numbers are increasing every year. People are willing to accept the idea that if they can prove themselves to be a safe driver, they should get cheaper car insurance. Is the same true for how we treat cyclists on the road though?


According to a new plan announced by the government, drivers who take a course on how to drive around cyclists could be in line for a reduction in their car insurance premiums. The plan would encourage insurance companies to offer discounts for drivers who can prove they have passed a course which teaches them how to properly treat people on bikes.

This proposal is part of a wider intent by the government to make it safer for cyclists on the road. A similar suggestion is for courier companies to encourage drivers to take road safety training which makes them aware of cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders.


Police officers would also be able to make use of new evidences. This could be footage gathered by devices such as dash cams and helmet cams. They would be able to charge drivers who put cyclists and other vulnerable road users in danger. The hope is that encouraging drivers to act more responsibly around cyclists, and making to easier to prosecute those who do not will make more people willing to cycle.

Cheaper for Everyone

Making car insurance cheaper has worked in the past. Black Box recorders have been proven to make young drivers (who often use them) safer drivers. Older people are expressing desire to use recording technology so they can lower their premiums. This in turn makes them drive more safely. If lowering car insurance premiums is what it takes to make people drive safely around bikes, then evidence suggests it will work.

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