Autonomous vehicles are everywhere in the news these days. They are being put forward as the future of taxis, HGVs and perhaps even aeroplanes. However, they aren’t just useful in moving people and goods around – they could also have smaller, more prosaic uses. Small autonomous vehicles could deliver groceries. Likewise, they could take on other local delivery routes.


A test run in Arizona is trying out whether it is feasible to deliver groceries by automated vehicle. The American grocery company Kroger is working with a start-up company called Nuro in the study. So far, only a single food store in Scottsdale, Arizona is being used for the trial run. It costs $5.95 to deliver by autonomous vehicle, and there is no minimum order value.

Autonomous deliveries could change how we shop for good. Many companies are experimenting with very short delivery times. Warehouses are becoming increasingly autonomous. Combine this with autonomous deliveries, and delivery times of a few hours after order will probably become the new normal.


Deliveries in this manner could also be better for the environment. Instead of everyone driving to the grocery shop individually, burning fossil fuels or using electricity, a single vehicle could do all their deliveries. With no drivers to add to fuel costs, autonomous vehicles could reduce carbon output significantly nation-wide.

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