Many people believe all kinds of driving myths. While the rules of what you can and can’t do when you are driving are clearly laid out, many people believe all sorts of untrue things. Here are five of the most commonly believed driving myths, and why they are incorrect.

You Can’t Eat, Drink or Smoke While Driving

Many people believe that they are very limited in the things that they are allowed to do while driving. They might believe that they are not allowed to eat, drink or smoke while they are driving. However, there is not specific reason why you would not be able to do any of these things. The only reason you might be prevented from eating, drinking or smoking while driving is if it causes you to be dangerously distracted from the road.

You Can Drive 10% Over the Speed Limit

A lot of car speedometers over-read by around 10%. This is a commonly known, and commonly misunderstood fact. While it is true that speedometers over estimate your actual speed, speed cameras and speed limits do not. If you misjudge your speed limit by attempting to drive at what you believe your speed actually is, you could very easily go above the speed limit, and break the law.

You Can’t Use a Sat-Nav While Driving

Satellite navigation devices can be an invaluable help in getting to somewhere you haven’t been before. However, they can require more of your attention when driving than may be safe. This is not to say, however, that you are not allowed to use one while you are driving. In fact, you can legally use a Sat-Nav as long as you are not distracted.

You Can’t Use a Hands-Free Phone

Most people are aware that they can’t use their phone while driving. However, this certainty wavers when it comes to using hands free devices. Lots of people believe that they are not allowed to use their phone through a hands free kit. This is actively untrue. You are allowed to use a hands free kit as long as you are not actually using your phone itself. It is using the device while driving that is illegal, not speaking on the telephone.

You Can Drive Other Cars on a Comprehensive Insurance Policy

When you are insured on a comprehensive policy, you might think you are insured against every possible risk. However, this is not necessarily true. It is unlikely that your insurance will cover you to drive other cars. Many people are not aware of this though, and take the risk of driving a car that they are not actually insured to drive on.

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