What is Office Insurance?

Office is a specialised insurance policy that covers offices. This means that it covers all the aspects of the commercial buildings you are using for your business. Our policies cover three different aspects of your office. We cover the buildings and contents that you need for your business. Office policies also need to cover people – your staff and the customers who might visit you. Finally, office insurance needs to protect you against costs if your business is interrupted.

Do I Need Office Insurance?

Office Insurance is not always essential. It depends on what your business and your premises are actually like. Insuring your office is essential if you have staff working for you (as you need employer’s liability insurance). You also need to cover yourself if you have visitors (public liability insurance). If you work by yourself, and / or don’t have visitors, you might not need a full office insurance policy.

Elements of Office Insurance

Buildings & Contents Insurance – This covers the premises you use for your business. Technically buildings refers to anything that is permanently fixed in your premises. We cover the damage to or loss of your buildings. Contents refers to things inside your premises that are not permanently fixed. For example, the sinks and light fittings are part of the building, but the desks and chairs are contents.

Liability – A major part of insurance is making sure that you have protection against legal liability. If you have employees, you need to have employer’s liability insurance. This covers you in case something happens to one of the employees who are under your responsibility. Public liability covers you if you have visitors to your premises (either guests or customers). If something happens to your visitors, you need to be protected against legal liability.

Business Interruption – Unexpected things can happen to your business. If something happens to your office that prevents you from being able to trade, you could lose money. Business Interruption insurance protects you financially against the costs that being unable to trade might bring.

Office Insurance from Alternative Insurance Brokers works for you. This means that we get to know your business, and what you need protecting. We talk to you, and decide with you what your insurance needs to do. Then, we can find you insurance that is truly for you – and not for anyone else.