It is a good time to be a courier in the UK. There have never been as many people making deliveries as there are now. This is because of the fundamental changes into how people shop and live. People order much more online than ever before. This means that in the course of their everyday work, a great many people need to make use of courier insurance.

What is Courier Insurance?

Courier Insurance is a specialised insurance policy for people who deliver other people’s goods. Courier Insurance covers you as the driver, the vehicle you are using, and the goods that you use. We make sure that you are covered against damage to the vehicle, or to another person. Our policies can also cover the things that you deliver, in case something happens to them.

Do I Need Courier Insurance?

If you are deliver people’s goods for money, you are a courier. This is different from, for example, an HGV driver (who often specialises in particular goods, and drives a larger vehicle). You need to get insurance for three things – you, your vehicle and the goods you are carrying.

What Affects the Prices?

There are a number of things that can affect the price of courier insurance. One of the most significant of these is your age. Drivers in the lowest age bracket (17-25) are rated as higher risks by most insurers, and such usually have to pay more. The vehicle you drive can also affect the price of your premium. Finally, if you have a low claims history, this can result in lower insurance costs.

What Additional Cover do you Offer?

We can add additional cover to your policy. While we cover your vehicle as part of your main policy, we can also add breakdown cover in case anything unexpected happens. We are also able to make your policy payable in multiple parts.