You need your van to be out on the road. Whatever you use it for – whether it is for courier work, business use or simply every day driving – you need to be able to use your van. You won’t be able to use it however, if the police seize it. Instead, it will be locked in the police impound, and you will have to recover it. Getting back a seized van does not have to be difficult though. With Alternative Insurance Brokers, it is easy to get everything you need to get your van back.

Why have the police seized my van?

The police can seize your van for a wide variety of reasons. However, the most common of these are if you drive without insurance, drive without a proper licence and if you drive while you are banned. Driving without insurance is a particular target for the police. They have the ability to check if your van is not insured, and seize it from you on the spot. The police will take a seized van to the local impound lot. They should tell you where your seized van has gone.

How do I get my van back?

To get back your van from the impound, you need a special kind of insurance. Seized van insurance replaces your old van insurance when it is with the police. When your van is seized, your regular insurance will no longer count. Some companies offer single day policies to get your van back. However, most police impounds will not accept these as sufficient. Alternative only offer 30 day policies as a minimum – which should usually be enough to get back your seized van.

Once you have recovered your van, you will probably be charged and possibly convicted for whatever reason caused your van’s seizure. If you are convicted, you need specialist van insurance for drivers with convictions. We also specialise in finding the right kind of cover for drivers with convictions. This means that if your van is seized, all you really need to do is contact us, and we’ll know what to do from there.

At Alternative Insurance Brokers, we know exactly how to get you the right cover. We know how the different police impounds work, and what you need to do to get back a seized van. If the police impound your van, give us a call, and we’ll get you back on the road.