Delivery drivers have become more important in recent weeks than many people had previously given them credit for. While drivers themselves have always known how important their work was to the UK, it has not always been the same with the general public. Delivery drivers are an essential part of the UK economy, especially now in a time of closed shops. Delivery driver insurance from Alternative Insurance Brokers is a specialised form of insurance. It covers the specific risks that delivery drivers face in a way that regular motor insurance does not.

Delivery driver insurance and courier insurance
Food Delivery Insurance

Food Deliveries have really taken off in the last few years. While it has been possible to get deliveries from larger supermarkets for several years, smaller shops are starting to offer home delivery services too. This might include vegetable box deliveries. It can also include deliveries from butchers, or other smaller producers who wish to make deliveries. Food Delivery Insurance is specially designed to cover this sort of delivery.

Fast Food Delivery Insurance

Staying in has been the new going out for several years. This is even more so the case now. Fast food delivery is worth millions to the British economy. Delivering can take various forms. For most it is a car or a motorbike delivery. However, bicycle deliveries have also become popular in recent years. If you deliver fast food or other prepared food stuffs, this is the type of delivery driver insurance for you.

Courier Insurance

While people are not travelling to the shops to make purchases, couriers are filling in the gaps. Delivering goods to peoples’ home, whether they be online purchases or making up for the closure of shops, needs courier insurance. This type of delivery driver insurance covers you for delivering goods to peoples’ homes and places of business.

If you need advice on what type of delivery driver insurance you might need, or you need to talk to someone about why your regular motor insurance won’t cover you, please get in touch. You can contact us over the phone, or online, and we will help you find the right type of insurance for you.