Hesitant about adding a new addition to your garage because of the premium and administrative process of yet another motor insurance? Consider getting fleet insurance to keep multiple vehicles insured at the same time. 


What is fleet insurance?

Instead of insuring all your cars separately, fleet insurance allows you to insure all your personal or commercial cars under one policy.

Do you need fleet insurance?

Although fleet insurance is more commonly used by businesses, it is for more than just commercial use. If you have multiple cars for personal use and multiple drivers who use them, insuring all of them under one policy provides great flexibility and possibly a cheaper premium. Hence, it might benefit you if your family got multiple vehicles under the same address.

How can fleet insurance benefit me?

Besides lower premiums, insuring multiple cars within one policy can save you from the overwhelming amount of paperwork. You won’t have to keep track of different start and expiry dates for each car, or go through the administration process repeatedly for each vehicle. One renewal and all of your cars are good to go.

It can also be easier if you have different vehicles in your collection, and multiple drivers to use them. While individual motor insurance will usually only have one driver registered under each vehicle, fleet insurance provides flexibility on who can use the vehicles and can be easier for businesses and big families.

How much does fleet insurance cost?

The larger your fleet, the higher discount you can expect. Fleet insurance is usually tailored depending on the amount and variety of vehicles in your fleet. Although not guaranteed, a driver risk assessment to prove all your drivers are sensible might help keep your premium low. We also prefer drivers who are over 25.

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