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Being a landlord has its own risks – after all, you can only predict what your tenants will do to a limited extent. If you are renting your property for commercial reasons, the potential risks to it are much wider. With commercial use comes a range of potential risks that a standard commercial landlord insurance policy will not cover.

Commercial Landlord Insurance policies from us are always built for the people that need them. We make sure that we get to know you. At Alternative Insurance Brokers, we find out as much about you and your commercial needs as we can. We do this so that we can find you a policy that suits you. Our team believes that insurance policies need to be planned for the people that need them.

Policies from us can cover both the buildings themselves that you rent out, and the contents inside them. We can also cover against accidental damage to the property and the fittings and fixtures inside it.



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Commercial Landlord Insurance FAQs

What does commercial landlord insurance cover?

Commercial Landlord Insurance covers you for the special risks that landlord who rent commercial properties face. We aim to cover what you need us to – so we get to know your needs. Essentially though, we cover the buildings, contents, and the risks of accidental damage.

Why do I need commercial property insurance?

Commercial Landlord Insurance gives you peace of mind for your rented properties. Commercial rentals face different risks than regular rental properties do. Our specialists can find you policies that work specifically for you. Tell us what you need your insurance to do, and let us help you out.

Is commercial property insurance a legal requirement?

You are not legally required to purchase commercial landlord insurance. However, it can be advantageous with many mortgage providers, and gives you protection if anything unexpected were to happen.

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