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Stock and contents insurance

Running a business requires you to think about a lot of things at once. It could be compared to spinning a lot of plates – but if you drop them, your livelihood takes a hit. The things you need to run your business are essential to keep those plates spinning. Your stock and contents might not be a thing you think about often. Despite this, they are just as important to your business as any other part.

Stock and Contents Insurance covers the things you need to keep your business running. That means the products that you sell, and the things you need to make your business function.



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Protection for business contents

Theft and Damage cover

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Stock & Contents Insurance FAQs

What does stock and contents insurance cover?

It depends on what your business is. We can cover whatever it is that you sell – from flowers to computer parts. We can also cover the things you use in your premises – such as equipment and machinery.

Why do I need stock and contents insurance?

When you run a business, you need to take care of a lot of things. You have to make sure that your business has the things it needs to succeed. However, there is only so much that you can do. Unexpected and uncontrollable things can happen.

Stock and contents insurance covers the physical objects that your business needs. This can be both the stock you might have of the products you sell, and the things such as computers or machines you use in your premises. 


Is stock and contents insurance a legal requirement?

Insuring your stock and contents is not a legal requirement. That means that you do have a choice whether to purchase such a policy or not. 

Some business insurance providers do look more favourably on businesses that have stock and contents cover, as it makes them less of an overall risk. 

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