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Get Back on The Road After a TT99 Conviction

When you drive inappropriately, you often receive penalty points on your licence. If you receive too many of these, you could get an additional punishment. A TT99 conviction represents a ‘totting up’ of penalty points. If you get 12 or more points on your licence over a three month period, you will have exceeded the number of points you are able to have, and receive a TT99 conviction.

A TT99 conviction can stay on your licence for four years after your last offence. You also need to disclose your TT99 conviction to insurers for five years from the date of your last offence. With a TT99 conviction, you can be banned for between 6 months and 2 years.

When you get a TT99, you might find it harder to get car insurance. This is because insurers view you as a higher risk due to the number of points you have picked up. At Alternative Insurance Brokers, we understand how insurers think about convicted drivers. We get to know you, so that we can understand your particular circumstances.

When we know what you really need your insurance to cover, we can help find you the right kind of insurer. As long as you can disclose all of your conviction history to us, we should be able to find you a policy that suits.

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Convicted Car Insurance FAQs

What other convictions can you cover?

We can cover a range of convictions, resulting from driving with no insurance or licence, dangerous driving, driving under the influence and much more. Click Here to see the full list of convictions that we can cover.

How long will a conviction code be on my license?

This will depend on the type conviction that you have. The minimum requirement is 4 years, but it can be up to as much as 11 years. Click Here for full details.

Is there a limit on convictions?

There is no limit on the number of convictions you can have on your licence, or non motoring convictions. As long as you have a valid license we will be able to look at getting you a quote.

I have non motoring convictions, do I still need to declare them?

Yes – all convictions, whether motoring ones or not, need to be declared. All policies are carried out with a DVLA check, so any that are not disclosed to us will be added too.

I have pending convictions that may or may not be added, do I still have to declare them?

Yes – any convictions that may be added on need to be declared too. If it turns out they won’t be added, then your premium will be adjusted accordingly.

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How Can We Help?