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Surety bonds are used throughout a range of trading professions, whether here in the UK or internationally. They are used to help businesses secure work, and make a guarantee that something will be done to the required specifications, and used as a safety blanket if anything were to go wrong.

They are most popular in the construction industry. For example, a local authority will use them to help guarantee the building of a new school by a third party company is built to standard and on time. If not then the bond will be used to finance finishing the job.

At Alternative Insurance Brokers, we understand the importance of getting the correct bond in place to help your business. There are many types of bonds, all different in their own way.  For this reason bonds can be complex, and hard to understand if it’s a new concept to you. We will help you to find the right bond for the best price to help secure your contract.

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1. Competitive rates from top insurers

2. Deal with the same adviser throughout the process

3. Able to provide bonds throughout Europe

4. Each bond bespokely assessed

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Surety Bonds FAQs

Who does a Surety Bond involve?

A bond will involve the following three participants:

The Surety The Principal The Obligee
Entity providing guarantee You The party who requires the bond

What is a Surety Bond?

Surety bonds are a financial guarantee put in place to ensure that the obligations of a contract are met. If they are not, then the bond acts like an insurance, and can be claimed upon to help fulfill the terms of the contract.

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What Surety Bonds are available?

Advance Payment Guarantee Pension Bond
Bailiff Bond Performance Bond
Completion Guarantee Purchase Guarantee
Construction Guarantee Reinstatement Bonds
Contract Guarantee Remediation Bond
Deferred Payment Guarantee Rent Deposit Guarantee
Deposit Protection Rent Guarantee
Development Bond Restoration Guarantee
Duty Deferment Retention Bonds
Landfill Bonds Road Bonds
Materials Supply
Sewer / Water Bond
Payment Bond Warranty Bond
Payment Guarantee