It is increasingly popular to get an exotic pet. After all, when it is possible to get a snake or a lizard of far-flung origin, who would get a dog or a cat? The problem with pets such as these is in their longevity. Often, pets such as snakes and lizards live many years, and grow to sizes larger than many people are comfortable with. Their owners then feel they can no longer care for them and dump the exotic pets in the countryside.

Threat to the countryside

Each ecosystem around the world has evolved to be in balance. Introducing new parts into that ecosystem (in the form of animals which evolved outside it) can upset the balance. When people release animals into the British countryside, they often do not realise the damage that they can do. Exotic animals can spread diseases unfamiliar to British animals. They can also pose a threat through predation and competition for resources.

What can we do?

Protecting the British countryside from the threat of exotic pets requires work at various levels. Catching and safely looking after animals such as snakes and lizards requires support for organisations such as the RSPCA. However, it might be of more use to prevent such animals getting into the countryside in the first place. People who are buying pets need more education in the realities of that particular animal. Many exotic pets – such as frogs and tortoises – can live as many as 30 years. If potential pet owners know more about these facts, they may not buy an animal they will not be able to look after.

Pet Insurance

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