You might think that you are able to drive someone else’s car legally. While this could be true for you – it is much less common than you might think. Many people believe that if they have a comprehensive insurance policy on their car, they are legally allowed to drive others as a default. However, this is much less true than common opinion. Indeed, driving without proper insurance could get you banned, and the vehicle seized.


Driving Other Cars (DOC) used to be included in almost all insurers comprehensive policies. This is why many believe that they are covered. However, most insurers no longer include this as part of their standard comprehensive policies. Where before you would have been covered to drive someone else’s car – now you usually need to pay extra for the privilege, or request it as an extra.

Exceptional Circumstances

Also, the Driving Other Cars clauses in comprehensive policies are only meant to be for emergencies. It is unlikely for your policy to contain one unless you have specifically requested it. This is even more the case for drivers under the age of 25. Insurance companies are even less likely to offer Driving Other Cars clauses for young people.

Make sure you check your insurance policy documents before you try to drive someone else’s car. Driving Other Cars is not as easy as it used to be. If you think you are likely to need to drive other vehicles, make sure you are a named driver on them. Be careful though, as even if you are covered, it is usually only to third party standards.


If the police catch you driving someone else’s car, they can fine you up to £300, and give you 6 penalty points. This could result in potentially even worse a punishment, with the police seizing and impounding your vehicle. If your car is in the impound, you need to get specialist impound insurance to retrieve it. You can by impounded car insurance from specialists, like us here at Alternative Insurance Brokers. For whatever reason you lost your car, we know how to recover your car from the police – without any difficulties.