Recently, the police ran an operation to attempt to catch uninsured drivers. This is not an unusual occurrence. Rather, it was the way that the police went about the operation that was unusual. Instead of simply stopping people for other driving offences, and later discovering that they were uninsured, this operation focused specifically on catching drivers who were listed on the Motor Insurers’ Bureau as uninsured.

Numberplate Recognition

The police sting – Operation Drive – used automatic number plate recognition cameras to identify the uninsured drivers. The Motor Insurers’ Bureau has a database of vehicles it believes do not have appropriate insurance. By connecting this database to police recognition technology, the police believe that they will be able to discover potentially thousands of uninsured drivers on UK roads.


If you are caught driving without insurance, you could face serious consequences. Most pressingly, the police will seize your vehicle. This means that the police will take it from you, and put it in the police impound. You will also receive six points on your licence, and a £300 fine. You might also be prosecuted in court.

If your vehicle is seized, there are steps you can take to recover it. First of these is to discover which impound your car is in. When you know this, you need to purchase a suitable impounded vehicle insurance policy to get your vehicle back. This is usually a 30 day policy that allows you to drive your car away from the impound (as standard car insurance will not cover this).

After you have recovered your vehicle, and paid any fees and fines you might need to pay, you will still need to get a longer term insurance policy. As your car has previously been seized, you will probably need to get insurance from a broker that specialises in drivers with a conviction.

What to do

Alternative Insurance Brokers specialise in helping people in situations such as this. We know how to find the right impounded insurance policy to get your vehicle back, and then the right convicted driver insurance to ensure you are properly covered in the future. Driving uninsured can have serious consequences. It doesn’t have to mean you never drive again though – get covered with Alternative Insurance Brokers, and get back out on the road.