Every year, the police catch thousands of people driving without proper insurance. In fact, recently released DVLA records show that the police stopped 79,713 people last year. While this is actually a lower total amount than in previous years, it still represents many thousands of people driving improperly.

The Consequences of Driving Without Insurance

If the police stop you for driving without insurance, they have a number of powers to punish you. Primarily, the police will almost certainly seize and impound your vehicle. After they do this, they will place your car within a police impound.

To recover your car, you will need to get a special type of insurance. Most regular car insurance policies specify that they will not cover an impounded vehicle. This is because impounded vehicles are considered a higher risk, and as such insurance companies are not keen to cover them.

Impounded Vehicle Insurance

Impounded vehicle insurance from Alternative Insurance Brokers is designed to cover impounded vehicles in a way that regular insurance can’t. We can cover your car or van as long as you are the owner of the car, and legally able to drive.

When you have driven without insurance, and even after you have recovered your vehicle from the impound, you could still receive further punishment. Often, the police will charge you with ‘driving without proper insurance’. This could lead to you being given a conviction code on your licence (usually an IN10).

Convicted Driver Insurance

After you have a conviction code on your licence, you might find it difficult to get a proper car insurance policy. This is because insurers might now consider you a higher risk. As a higher risk, most insurers are likely to either charge you more for your insurance in order to cover your risk, or to refuse to cover you at all.

At Alternative, we know the market for convicted drivers in a way that most brokers don’t. We have contacts with the insurers that are happy to cover people with conviction histories. We can find cover for people where others might not.

Just get in touch with us, on the phone, on our website, or over email, and let us help you out. It can be stressful if you are caught driving without insurance. However, it should not mean that you aren’t able to drive again. Get in contact with us today on 0161 388 2520 and see how we can help you out.