What is Truck Insurance?

Truck Insurance is not just a type of motor insurance policy. It is a specially designed type of insurance that covers every aspect of truck driving. Truck Insurance covers the driving part of your insurance policy. This is a legal requirement, so all Truck policies have to have it. Our policies can also cover you for more than just your motor insurance. We can include Goods in Transit Insurance to protect the things that you are moving. We also offer HI-AB and Moffett Cover for the equipment you might need to use.

Why Do I Need Truck Insurance?

Truck Insurance fulfils an important role in the trucking industry. Whether you are the operator of a single vehicle, or of a whole fleet, you need insurance that works for you. Truck Insurance covers all the aspects of truck cover to give you peace of mind.

What Affects the Price?

When you go through a quote with Alternative Insurance Brokers for Truck Insurance, we take as many of your details as we can. This is because there are a great many variables to this type of policy. The value of your vehicle/s is one such variable – the more valuable they are, the more expensive your vehicle is likely to be. Your intended travel plans can also affect the price – particularly if you intend on driving abroad. Your policy can also be affected by your drivers – specifically their age and experience.

What Can’t You Cover?

Truck Insurance policies often have some kind of exclusions to who they can cover, and for what purposes they are being used. Some policies, for example, exclude drivers under a certain age (sometimes 25). Other policies might expect drivers to have a certain type of licence.

How do the Policies Vary?

Truck Insurance can cover all sorts of things. What is important to you might be entirely different to what is important to another policy holder. Make sure that you let us know what you need your policy to do. If you only need one driver, or if you need multiple drivers to be able to use your vehicles, we need to know. The policies we sell can be made specifically for your exact needs, so we only cover what you need us to.

Hazardous Goods

If you need to carry dangerous or hazardous goods, then you will need a specialist Hazardous Goods Truck Insurance policy. At Alternative, we can help you cover almost any type of hazardous load. What matters to us is that you let us know what you are planning on transporting. Then, we can determine how different insurers might think about your potential cargo.