It is human nature to want to look after where you live. You can fit security features, and do your utmost to care for your property – all for the unexpected to still happen. That is where home insurance comes into place. Insuring your home gives you an extra level of cover – for all the unexpected risks you might face.

Rising Home Insurance Premiums

Getting home insurance is always a good idea – but it is getting more expensive. Over the last three years, home insurance policy premiums have risen by around 25%. On average, a buildings and contents combined home insurance policy now costs around £150 a year. However, in 2016 this figure stood at around £115. According to a study by, premiums have risen by as much as 13% in the last year alone.

What could cause this rise in premiums is not definite. One suggestion that has been put forward is the increasingly volatility of British weather. The changing nature of British weather means that events which were previously rare, such as extreme heat and extreme rain, are becoming more common. This means that insurers are more likely to pay out on home insurance policies than ever before.

What Causes This?

If insurers have to pay out often, they usually respond by raising their premiums (as they insure you based on the likelihood of nothing untoward happening). The rise in home insurance premiums comes as insurers feel that they are at risk of losing money with greater frequency.

When you get insurance from a broker, you get the added experience of a team that understand the insurance market. At Alternative Insurance Brokers, we seek out the cover you need from a wide variety of insurers. We search the market for your specific needs every year – so even if home insurance premiums rise nationwide, we can still seek out the best deals for you.