What is Stock & Contents Insurance?

Stock & Contents Insurance is a specialised insurance policy that is designed specifically to cover the things you use for your business. This could cover the things your business sells, or the things that you use on your premises.

Do I Need Stock & Contents Insurance?

Not everyone needs specific stock and contents insurance. For some people, a simple buildings and contents policy may be enough to cover their business. If you need to cover the stock of products that you sell, then a regular buildings and contents insurance policy will not do. Stock and Contents Insurance gives you peace of mind in case your stock is stolen or damaged.

What Kind of Stock do You Cover?

We can cover all sorts of businesses. Our policies do not differentiate between different types of stock, whether you sell flowers or computer parts. Stock can refer to materials and components from which you produce your goods for sale. It can also refer to goods that are in the process of manufacture. Finally, it can mean goods that are finished, and ready for sale.

What Does ‘Contents’ Include?

Contents refers to the things you have in your business premises that are moveable, but not stock. This means things like your furniture and kitchen crockery. It does not refer to fixed items, like your light fittings, or bathroom fixtures.

What Can’t be Covered?

Contents Insurance often excludes certain items. In particular, these include high value items. This is simply so that the Insurer does not have to raise the insurance premium in order to make up for the increased potential pay out. We may also need you to store your stock in a certain way. This depends on what you sell. This might only mean needing to take sensible security precautions.

When you need Stock & Contents cover, get in touch with us on 0161 388 2520. At Alternative, we make sure that your cover suits your business and your specific needs. We get to know you, and plan your cover to match.