What you do every day can affect what you pay for your car insurance. This doesn’t just mean how you drive from day to day – it means your day job too. Insurers might charge you different amounts for your insurance, based on what you do for a job. However, what is the most expensive job to have, and which professions do insurers prefer you to have?

Perhaps surprisingly, a new study has found that being a Footballer is the most expensive profession to have when looking for car insurance. Footballers are on average asked to pay £1,978 a year to insure their cars. Other sportspeople are likely to face similarly high bills. The study found that people listing their profession as ‘sportsperson’ were presented with an average bill of 1,511.

This is in contrast to people who list their profession as ‘invigilator’ or newspaper delivery drivers, who usually receive average prices of £252 and £268 respectively. People who are retired also usually save money on their insurance premiums, with average rates of around £270.

Why do insurers charge such different amounts for the same cover, based entirely on what job you do? Essentially, insurers have access to large amounts of data. They can see who is likely to make a claim, and what profession they are listed as having. As such, they are able to make decision as to which types of jobs are likely to cost them in the future. Unfortunately for sportspeople, the data suggests that they are more likely to make a claim than other professions.

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