With the increased volatility on travelling due to ongoing strikes, Covid restrictions and staff shortages, travellers have been facing a difficult uphill battle with transportation in the last few months. Recently, there have been several staff walk-outs at train stations, numerous strike actions at major airports and shocking staff shortages that have resulted in customer baggage being lost. So, what can you do to protect yourself from the possible inconveniences?

Travel insurance is perhaps the first solution most people would think of. But what should you look for before buying insurance for travel? Well, there are a number of things that should be considered essential, such as medical cover and delay compensation. However, the rest really depends on you and your needs and will most likely cost an extra premium to pay. For example, there are insurance policies that can cover specific trips like cruise holidays, as well as sports and activities that are considered dangerous.

In general, you should be looking to buy a travel insurance policy that contains the basic things below:

  1. Medical and repatriation expenses that considers pre-existing conditions and should cover expenses up to £10m
  2. Emergency dental treatment which should cover costs of at least £200
  3. Loss or theft of possessions and baggage
  4. Travel delay with compensation ranging anywhere between £20 to £30 per 12 hours
  5. Covid19 Hospital Benefit which should cover up to £3000 worth of costs

These should be the utmost priorities in your search for travel insurance, considering the current travelling climate. A lot of travel insurance policies will be distinct and different from each other, but most should cover the risks above. You should also consider buying extra covers if you are going on a specialist trip, such as a winter sports trip or a cruise holiday. These would be separate charges due to their unique nature and the different set of risks involved.

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