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Travel Insurance in partnership with

Alternative Insurance Brokers has partnered with to offer comprehensive insurance for travel, including for both long-term and short-stay trips.

Travel insurance is increasingly becoming more essential in today’s climate. Travel insurance covers you for the worst-case scenarios when you’re travelling. If you don’t take it, you could be stuck with large medical bills if you fall ill or fall over. If you have to cancel your holiday, you don’t want to lose everything you’ve paid out for it – travel insurance can help with that too. If you lose personal possessions or they are stolen from you, you’ll be able to claim back your losses once you’ve reported it to the police. is offering insurance for all different types of trips, from single trips to annual multi-trips. For more specific needs, also offers cover for medical conditions, cruise trips or winter sports. We can provide cover for older travellers and those with pre-existing medical conditions.

What GetCover Offers


1. Trip Cancellation Cover

2. Medical Treatment abroad

3. Hospital benefit from £30 per day and Covid-19 Hospital benefit from £200 per day

4. Repatriation if needed

Travel Insurance FAQs

Why should I buy travel insurance for my trip?

Buying travel insurance can help cover you for things that can go wrong when you are abroad, particularly if you get ill or injured. In addition, a policy can help if you lose possessions or have a delayed flight. GetCover offers simple to understand, value for money travel insurance so you can travel and enjoy your trip with peace of mind.

Can anyone buy a GetCover policy?

You must live in the UK and be registered with a GP in the UK. In addition you must be 84 or under if you wish to purchase an annual multi trip policy.

Does GetCover cover pre-existing medical conditions?

It does if you have declared them to us and had them accepted by us in writing. Click here for further details on how to declare medical conditions.


Can I buy travel insurance once I have already started travelling?

No – Your insurance would not be valid if your trip has commenced.