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What is a Performance Bond?

Performance bonds are a specialised type of surety bond. They guarantee against one party failing to meet their obligations on time, or to an agreed level of performance. The performance bond protects against, for example, a contractor failing to carry out their contracted work to acceptable timing or standards.

Who Takes Out a Performance Bond?

Usually, contractors take out performance bonds. This is often the case when contractors undertake public work projects that need to meet certain standards.

What Does a Performance Bond Cover?

What a performance bond covers depends on the project. They can protect against failing to complete the project overall. They also cover the non-completion of the project to an agreed level of performance.

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    Retention Bonds

    Road & Sewer Bonds

    Advance Payment Bonds

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    Surety Bonds FAQs

    Who does a Performance Bond involve?

    A bond will involve the following three participants:

    The Surety The Principal The Obligee
    Entity providing guarantee Contractor / You The party who requires the bond

    What other types of Surety Bonds are available?

    Advance Payment Guarantee Pension Bond
    Bailiff Bond Performance Bond
    Completion Guarantee Purchase Guarantee
    Construction Guarantee Reinstatement Bonds
    Contract Guarantee Remediation Bond
    Deferred Payment Guarantee Rent Deposit Guarantee
    Deposit Protection Rent Guarantee
    Development Bond Restoration Guarantee
    Duty Deferment Retention Bonds
    Landfill Bonds Road Bonds
    Materials Supply
    Sewer / Water Bond
    Payment Bond Warranty Bond
    Payment Guarantee

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