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What is a Road and Sewer Bond?

A road and sewer bond is a specialist type of surety bond. Complying with the Highways and Water Industry Acts, it is put in place when a project involving roads and sewers is handed over to a local authority. It is taken out on behalf of the property developer or house builder.

What Does a Road and Sewer Bond Cover?

A road and sewer bond covers against a project failing to meet the agreed upon terms and conditions of the contract. This could be failing to complete the project to the agreed time frame or failing to complete a road or sewer project to specific standards.

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    Performance Bonds

    Retention Bonds

    Advance Payment Bonds

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    Surety Bonds FAQs

    Who Does a Road and Sewer Bond Involve?

    A bond will involve the following three participants:

    The SuretyThe PrincipalThe Obligee
    Entity providing guaranteeContractor / YouThe party who requires the bond

    What Other Types of Surety Bonds Are Available?

    Advance Payment GuaranteeDuty DefermentReinstatement Bonds
    Bailiff BondLandfill BondsRemediation Bond
    Completion GuaranteeMaterials SupplyRent Deposit Guarantee
    Construction GuaranteePayment BondRent Guarantee
    Contract GuaranteePayment GuaranteeRestoration Guarantee
    Deferred Payment GuaranteePension BondRetention Bonds
    Deposit ProtectionPerformance BondRoad Bonds
    Development BondPurchase GuaranteeSewer / Water Bond
    Warranty Bond


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