Our Brands

At Alternative Insurance Brokers, we have a growing range of brands. They specialise in bringing you the best value cover, with a range of options to match the cover to your needs.

Gap Insurance Today 

Gap Insurance Today offers you the ability to add further protection to their vehicle than just standard insurance. We protect you in the event of your vehicle being written off. When this happens, the insurance payout often doesn’t meet the original investment put into the vehicle. Gap insurance pays the difference between the insurance payout and the value of your vehicle at the time of purchase or lease.

Offering policies from 1 to 5 years, it covers cars, vans, taxis and motorcycle up to the value of £60,000. Get a quick quote and buy online today for instant cover.

Staff Absence Insurance Solutions

We know the stress of keeping your school running to full capacity when you are faced with absences, whether they are planned or unexpected. We cover illness and injury, maternity, paternity, adoption leave and stress related conditions. We even cover jury service, compassionate leave and support phased returns. We have a specialist health and well-being service to make sure your staff always get the support they need.

Each policy is tailored to your school to make sure you have the correct cover in place for your needs. Apply for a quote online today.

Alternative ATE and Funding

Alternative ATE and Funding offers combined solutions to manage litigation risk with risk transfer and financing from a range of supportive specialist insurers and funders who can provide flexible, innovative and efficient solutions to meet your clients’ needs.