When you insure your car, you might think that you don’t need to do anything else. The vast majority of the time, this is true. However, if your car is seized by the police, and put into a car impound, the situation becomes a little more complicated. If you have a seized car, you will need to get a special form of insurance to get it back. Impounded car insurance ensures that you can get your car back from the impound lot without difficulty.

Why Might Your Car be Impounded?

There are many reasons that your car can be taken by the police. Generally though, they tend to be connected to insurance. You are required to have insurance to drive a car. Failure to have proper insurance can result in the police seizing your car and impounding it. You might have bought proper insurance, but invalidated it without realising.

Cars can also be impounded by the police if you are driving without a proper licence. This could be if you are driving on a provisional licence without proper supervision. It could also be if you have previously had your licence invalidated, and you are continuing to drive.

What is Impounded Insurance for?

If the police do seize your car, your regular insurance will no longer do. You cannot usually drive your car out of the impound on a standard car insurance policy. This is where impounded car insurance steps in. Impound insurance covers you for the period of getting your car back, and for up to 30 days after, while you arrange a longer term insurance policy.

What Do You Need to Do?

Impounded Car Insurance from Alternative Insurance Brokers ensures that you can get your car back from the impound lot, and get back on the road. Some companies might offer one day impound insurance policies. However, many impound lots will not release a car on a one day policy. That’s why we only offer policies of at least 30 days. With a 30 day policy, you should not have any trouble getting your car back.

Alternative Insurance Brokers specialise in finding the right impounded car insurance policies for you. We take you and your driving history into account, and have years of experience in finding the perfect policies for you. Get covered today with Alternative Insurance Brokers.