Unoccupied Home Insurance:

Here at Alternative Insurance Brokers we specialize in providing a wide range of unoccupied home insurance policies. Whether you are taking a long break, renovating a property or putting one up for sale, we have an unoccupied home insurance policy that will suit you. We can offer you any period of cover from 1 month right up to a full 12 month policy depending on what you need the cover for. This means that you don’t end up taking out a full year unoccupied home insurance policy that you don’t need. We will offer you the policy that best suits your situation.

Last Year alone 700,000 homes were unoccupied in the UK, waiting for either sale by auction or probate. Although the house is empty unoccupied home insurance is still important in case any sort of damage happens when you are away.  This ends up with the clients regretting not buying unoccupied home insurance as repairs can run into thousands of pounds and leaving families unable to pay for repairs.

Here at Alternative Insurance Brokers we provide 3 different levels of unoccupied home insurance, this means that we can discuss the best cover for your property. Every situation requires a different level of cover, because our policies are versatile it is a rare occasion that we cannot provide an excellent rate for your property. With many of our policies being at a very reasonable price we have had clients from the past and the present use this unoccupied home insurance policy very often.

Examples of what our unoccupied home insurance policy covers:

  • Fire
  • Lightning (Storm Damage)
  • Electrical Damage
  • Theft
  • And many more

At Alternative Insurance Brokers we have an experienced team which look through the best insurers to find you the best deal, with annual policies starting from £100 for our unoccupied home insurance. Here at Alternative Insurance Brokers we will search the market to find you the best deal for the unoccupied home insurance you require.

Plus at Alternative Insurance Brokers we offer unoccupied home insurance for homes which have different designs. This means that no matter how different the home, we at Alternative Insurance Brokers can offer you a deal for features such as non-standard construction. However the premium offered will cost slightly more. Added information will be needed when asking for a quote, so we have the correct cover for your needs. A key point when asking for a quote for unoccupied home insurance is the security of the building as well as its condition. Therefore, please make sure you advise how secure the property is and what plans have been put in place for visiting the property.

Alternative Insurance Brokers is dedicated to getting the best for our clients with our range of versatile policies, which suit all of our clients. If you want to check out any of our other insurance policies you can call us for a quote on 0161 388 2538.