Seized Car Insurance:

This year alone the police have seized 1.5 million cars that are without insurance. If your car has been seized by the police you are going to need a specialist seized car insurance policy before you can to get the vehicle released from the impound. A standard car insurance policy won’t cover you and you’ve probably got enough problems to deal with without buying an insurance policy from an obstructive insurance provider who can’t help. If you also buy a policy that is not correct you may risk not getting your premium back. Contact us to get seized car insurance that works to give you peace of mind at the impound.

Key Information:

Alternative Insurance Brokers are specialists in helping drivers in situations that the mainstream broker cannot help with. This means you have peace of mind that you don’t end up like one of these 1.5 million offenders. At Alternative Insurance Brokers we have helped drivers whose vehicles have been seized to get the policy they need to get their vehicles back out of the impound and on the road.

But if you are one of the 1.5 million affected and your vehicle has been seized, you need help getting the required cover to get the vehicle out of the impound. Get in touch with us today to purchase seized car insurance.

Long and short term seized vehicle insurance are available from a large panel of different insurers.

Alternative offer policies starting from as little as 30 days in length, which is the minimum period many impounds will accept. This means we can get you covered while you retrieve your seized vehicle from the impound without committing you to an annual policy or if the circumstances work we can offer an annual option for you. At Alternative Insurance Brokers we always look for the best offer through our dedicated team.

Key Facts:

Figures released by Churchill Car Insurance earlier this month showed that East London has the highest proportion of uninsured drivers in the country, tripling the national average at 4.5 per cent. However, Birmingham had the highest absolute rate of uninsured drivers, with an estimated 55,142 such vehicles compared to East London’s 34,436.

Those caught driving without insurance face a £300 fine and the potential seizure of their vehicle. Official estimates show that 30 per cent of seized uninsured vehicles are crushed. However, MIB said that despite police crackdowns on the offence, it believes there are still one million uninsured vehicles on UK roads, equating to one in every 38 of drivers being affected.

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