You may be wondering, why would a car be impounded? There are many reasons why your car could end up in a police impound. Here are the most common reasons, according to the Metropolitan Police:

  1. Your car insurance is expired
  2. Your car was illegally parked
  3. You have unpaid penalty or parking charges or other debts
Police seized my van Impound Car Insurance

If you drive your car regularly, you are more likely to be exposed to a number of risks such as fines and penalties.

Of course, there are many ways that you can avoid these risks, for example if you drive and park carefully or if you ensure that you are always equipped with the correct and adequate documentation. However, unlucky times can occur even in the most perfect drivers. For instance, forgetting to pay your parking charges. If you find yourself in the sticky situation of your car ending up in the impound, do not lash out in anger at the authorities. This is likely to do more damage than good.

The decision to impound a car can come from a lot of different source. This includes the police, the local council and the DVLA.  If your car ends up in the impound, there is only one sure way to get your vehicle back. Getting an impound car insurance after your vehicle gets impounded will ensure that your car gets released. However, acquiring one is subject to a lot of different factors, such as your age and the nature of your offense.

Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to consult an insurance agent for advice. Most brokers can give you a quote for a 30-day insurance which you can then use to get your vehicle released.


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