Millions of people in the UK keep pets. We are a nation of animal lovers. There are more pets in the UK than in most other European nations. Most of us would do anything to keep our pets well and happy. However, for almost half of us, this does not extend to insuring them.


New evidence that originates in research from Mintel (a market research company) suggests that 45% of pet owners do not take out pet insurance on their pet. For cat owners, this rises to 50%, and for dog owners falls to 34%.

Explaining this is not simple. Pet insurance is an emotive issue – you might say that you love your car, but not in the same way that you love your pet. As a result, people need to feel that they are doing the right thing by their animals.

Doubts Over Value

It is clear from the findings of the study that many people feel Pet Insurance is not trustworthy for their pet. 36% thought it was not good value, and 21% thought insurers would not actually pay out on claims.

Some people believe that pet insurance is beyond their price range. 13% of people who responded to the research said that they thought they would not be able to afford insurance for their pet – although 21% thought that they could not afford vet’s bills.

Better Than You’d Think

Pet Insurance is not the same as other kinds of insurance. People are much more likely to claim on this sort of policy than any other kind. Despite what people might think, more than a million pet insurance claims are paid out on every year – as many as two a minute.

Pet Insurance from Alternative Insurance Brokers makes sure that you are covered for your pet – with no need to worry. We have a 5 working day turnaround on most claims. This means that when you need the claim, you don’t need to stress.

We cover one or several pets – at 5 different levels of cover. We have no upper age limit on the pets you insure, and we’ll even give you a discount on insuring several at once. Get Pet Insurance with Alternative Insurance Brokers, and take the worry out of looking after your pet.